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You and your partner’s first look, your younger cousin’s goofy dance at the sangeet, the pheras around the mandap, and every other meticulously curated detail of your wedding are worthy of being professionally captured. The hustle and bustle of your wedding day may give you limited time to admire your masterpiece, but a professional photographer and videographer will make sure that you can enjoy it long after. Whether it is one month after your wedding, one year or 25 years later, the photos and videos are memories that you and your loved ones get to reflect back on to cherish for the years to come. Let The Desi Bride help you find the perfect photographer and videography for your Desi wedding!



How much should photography and videography cost for South Asian weddings?

Photography and videography can each be anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000+ per event. Note that if you have multiple events (haldi, sangeet, wedding, etc), make sure you account for the number of events and hours you will need the photographer or videography for. If you are hiring photo and video for multiple events, many companies will offer a multi-day package deal. In a typical Indian wedding, you may end up paying $10,000 to $20,000 for a photo and video package if you hire teams for all events.


What are the different styles of photography?

Photographers, like most artists, come with unique styles and brands of their own. Some may even blend different styles within their packages. Generally, most couples will want a blend of two or three styles, so it’s important to understand what styles you want, find the right photographer, and communicate these wants to them ahead of their events. Here are some of the many examples:


What are the different styles of wedding videography?

Just like photography, there are different styles of videography. You should decide on the style(s) you want and communicate these to your videographer. Note that you may want different styles for different events or deliverables. For example, you may want a documentary of the entire wedding ceremony but a cinematic highlight reel that shows key moments from your wedding weekend to share with your family and friends. 


What are the different types of wedding videography?

We recommend figuring out the deliverables you want ahead of signing a contract with your videographer. Most videographers will have packages, but if you know that you want a specific type of film, then ask for it.


Do I really need a videographer at my Desi wedding?

A lot of couples find themselves asking whether they really even need a videographer. If you are content with just your photo and don’t think you will ever watch videos, then you may not need a wedding videographer.

With that said if your parents or family members really want a video, then you may want to consider hiring a videographer for some events, like the wedding ceremony, instead of all of your events. Another thought to consider is if you are planning a micro wedding or wedding during the pandemic, virtual guests may be an important part of your wedding. If that is the case, a videographer has the equipment and know-how of how to make sure your virtual guests are a part of the wedding without technical issues. It’s worth talking to a Dallas, Houston, or Austin-based videographer to see what their options are.

Some companies offer a photographer and videographer package for South Asian weddings, so that’s always an option if you don’t want to splurge on a separate videographer.


What questions should I ask wedding photographers before booking them?

You’ll want to ask questions about the packages/services offered, and better understand this artist’s portfolio of work. Here are some suggestions:


What questions should I ask wedding videographers before making the decision to book?

You’ll want to ask questions about the packages/services offered, and better understand this artist’s portfolio of work. While you may want to ask a lot of the same questions as those to your photographer, we’ve added some additional questions below:


Where can I find the top wedding photographers and videographers in Texas?

The Desi Bride has curated the best wedding photographers and best wedding videographers. Scroll up to find the best vendor for your upcoming Desi wedding, sangeet, or other events!


Who are the top South Asian wedding photographers and videographers in Texas?

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