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The foundation of your wedding look will lay in your Indian hair & makeup and the intricate fabric of your bridal outfit! Otherwise known as “the dress”, what you don on your wedding day will elevate you and your partner into absolute royalty. Whether you follow the latest trends or opt for your respective traditional wear, your wedding dress, from sarees, lehengas, and gowns to kurtas and sherwanis, the selection will be a critical piece of your big day. At The Desi Bride, we've curated to top vendors to bring you your Indian wedding lehenga, Pakistani wedding or Nikkah outfit, and Desi clothes for your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests!


What are the different outfit options for a Desi bride or groom?                                                     

The options for the modern-day Desi bride and groom wear are endless, but this list can be narrowed down dependent on your respective cultures. Here are some common wedding outfits across different south Asian cultures:

Bride and grooms these days are even opting for fusion outfits, for mixed culture weddings. For example, a bride may opt for a salwar made out of traditional south-Indian silk, or an Indo-western white or gold lehenga!


What factors should I consider if I pursue a custom outfit route?

A custom outfit can provide you with creative freedom and flexibility that a pre-made dress can’t. Here are some important considerations:


How much should my Indian bridal lehenga cost?

The answer is that it really depends. There is a vast range in pricing for lehengas and cholis. It’s important to know what you are going for.


What do brides wish they had thought about before selecting their dream outfits?

While a lehenga can look beautiful, there is more you should think about before landing on the right outfit.


As a South Asian groom, what should I think about before I look for my dream sherwani or kurta?

For Desi grooms, deciding on a style will help in the process of narrowing down colors and fabrics to one that best suits the groom. Figure out what you are most comfortable in. Do you want bold or loud colors, or do you want something more muted? You may want even different styles at your sangeet vs the wedding ceremony. A lot of modern millennials grooms wear an Indo-western or Indian + western fusion outfit. You can pick a color that showcases both tradition and modernity.


As a South Asian couple, how should we go about matching our outfits to look complementary?

While the easiest recommendation is to work with the same designers to create both of your outfits, there are also other ways to match your significant other:


How do I match my bridesmaids or groomsmen outfits with my lehenga, saree, or sherwani?

There are a couple of ways to match your outfits:


Where can I find Indian bridesmaids' outfits in Texas?

On The Desi Bride, there are several vendors that customize bridesmaids' outfits from bridesmaids' sarees to lehengas. Check out Desi Is Me for bridesmaids' lehengas over $200 and Kynah for glam Desi bridesmaids outfits.


Should I travel to India to find my bridal lehenga or sari?

Selecting your dream wedding outfit(s) can be stressful. Given how many events South Asian weddings typically have, from the grah shanti to pithi to mehndi, sangeet, reception, and wedding a minimum sometimes, plus all of the outfits for your parents, siblings, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, it’s a lot for anyone to think through. A frequently asked question is whether you should go wedding shopping in India or Pakistan. We have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of travel to the motherland to shop.




How can I reuse my wedding outfit after my wedding?

The Desi Bride published an article on how to host a more sustainable wedding with a section about clothing. Your bridal clothes will certainly be costly, so it’s fair to want to make the most out of your purchase and finds ways to reuse your outfits from a cost perspective but also to leave less of a footprint on the world. Some suggestions to repurpose your outfit are included below.


I've bought my dream Indian wedding lehenga. What else do I need to think about to look good on my wedding day?

While your wedding lehenga or sherwani for the groom are what really make your sangeet, wedding, and reception looks, it's important to add the whole package. Make sure you find matching jewelry like a choker and bangles and hair accessories like a maang tikka as well as comfortable shoes. Finally, your bridal hair & makeup elevates your look. It's worth investing in a top hair & makeup artist in Houston or wedding makeup artists in Dallas. Make sure you look at The Desi Bride's hair & makeup artists to book your artist today.


Who are the top Desi wedding lehenga and sherwani vendors in Texas?

Click the below links to start exploring the best wedding outfit vendors. Find vendors for your Desi bridesmaids' sarees and handsome groomsmen's kurtas.

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