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Top Desi Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists in Texas - Dallas, Houston, Austin

Your focus may be on deciding between mithai, flowers, wedding favors, or other logistical details, but come the wedding day, everyone else’s eyes will be on you! Your hair and makeup artist will be one of the rare gems on your wedding “to-dos” that will be all about you. They will be with you bright and early, to pamper, and turn you into the Desi bride you’ve been waiting to be! We really don’t recommend going with DIY wedding makeup, as while makeup and hair can feel pricey, it’s the one thing that is really all about you and worth investing in for your sanity and photographs. You will find top wedding hair & makeup artists in Dallas, hair & makeup artists in Houston, and hair & makeup artists in Austin below. 


How much should hair and makeup for Desi brides cost?

Hair and makeup at South Asian weddings is intense. It entails not just heavier hair and makeup to last several hours and give you the modern South Asian bridal look but also takes more skill, given the saree draping or lehenga dupatta paired with accessories like the tikka. You will find that on average Desi bridal hair and makeup is more expensive than traditional hair and makeup for the reasons above. With that said, you should expect to pay anywhere between $300 - $1200 per event for your bridal hair & makeup in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. While party makeup or engagement makeup from a professional hair & makeup artist may be slightly lower cost, hair and makeup for the Indian bride requires a special skill set and dedicated time. If you are a budget bride you'll find affordably priced hair & makeup artists on The Desi Bride, and if you are open to splurging on your look, we also have more lavish hair & makeup vendor options.


What questions should I ask hair and makeup artists I am considering?

You’ll need to ask questions around cost/transparency, but more importantly, you’ll want to better grasp your hair + makeup artist's portfolio of work. Example questions include:


I want to make sure my mom, sisters, and bridesmaids also have their wedding hair and makeup done. Can I use the same hair and makeup artist?

Typically, wedding hair and makeup artists offer packages that include additional guests. However, you’ll want to factor in additional time if you plan for the same artist to cater to more people. Note that ideally, you shouldn’t be sharing your hair and makeup artist. As an example, if you need a quick touch-up between your first look photoshoot and the start of your wedding ceremony, if your makeup artist is finishing your last bridesmaid’s look, you will be stressed out about being on time. Secondly, bridal makeup is typically 3 to 5 times as expensive as a party look, so you’ll find that you may even want to work with a different hair & makeup artist for your Indian bridal look versus wedding hair and makeup for guests or the sister of the bride to stay within budget. We recommend having a separate artist or team of artists to focus on your mom, sisters, and bridesmaids for both logistical and cost reasons, ensuring peace of mind for you.


What is the complete role of a hair and makeup artist at my wedding?

At the minimum, this person is responsible for professionally applying makeup and styling your hair on the day of your wedding. They are expected to arrive well in advance of the wedding time (often this can be in the early hours of the morning), and come prepared with professional supplies. However, certain services are optional or add-ons and will need to be articulated clearly in advance to the artist, if required. Examples include:


Beyond hair and makeup, is there anything else I should look for in a good hair and makeup artist?

Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, and other Desi weddings are stressful! There is a time-sensitive schedule with lots of events mixed with lots of people and at times, family drama. Your hair and makeup artist is your day-of sidekick to help keep you calm and enjoy being pampered ahead of your big moments. Your time with your hair and makeup artist may be your only time without a million other people over the two to three days (aside from a couple of hours of sleep you get)! A great hair and makeup artist has been through the emotional and stressful moments of being a bride and feels like a friend during the process. Make sure you have a conversation with multiple hair and makeup artists to find someone that you click with and someone who will be there by your side when things get tough.


How much time should I plan for South Asian bridal hair and makeup?

Given how intricate and time-consuming Desi bridal looks can take, we recommend planning for a minimum of 2.5 to 3 hours for your hair and makeup. This range will give you enough time to also change into your saree, lehenga, or gown and down some water and a snack. If you don’t have at least 3 hours between events, you may want to consider just doing a partial hair and makeup change (e.g., touch up your hair and change your eye makeup) to make sure you’re not stressed in getting from the mehndi to the sangeet or from the wedding ceremony to the reception. Also keep in mind, that you may want to take pre-event pictures with your significant other, family, bridesmaids, or groomsmen, so factor in this additional photo-taking time when finalizing your timeline for your Desi wedding events.


What skincare routines can I follow to make sure my skin is well-rested, and I have the bridal glow on my wedding day?

While your makeup artist will cover up any scarring or breakouts, it’s important to do what you can to have healthy skin, leading up to your wedding. Ask your hair and makeup artist for suggestions based on your skin type (dry, oily, T zone) and skin concerns (prone to breakouts, marks, dark circles etc). We’ve included a couple of easy tips that you can use not just for your wedding, but even after your wedding to keep your skin and hair glowing and nourished:


What is the difference between airbrush, HD, and traditional makeup?

There are three main types of makeup methods. We’ve highlighted the differences below and encourage you to discuss your skin wants and needs with your makeup artist to pick the right style. Makeup artists focused on South Asian wedding makeup will usually opt for airbrush or HD, but you can always ask for traditional makeup.


I’m the groom. Do I need any hair and makeup?

YES! Your significant other has spent countless hours getting ready to marry you in front of your family and friends. These memories will be captured forever! The least you can do is get a few touch-ups. We recommend that grooms get a facial and a mani/pedi a couple of days before the wedding events start and light touch-ups on the day of. Examples of touch-ups include concealer to cover up any acne or scarring and dark circles; powder to cover up the shine; and a touch of highlighter to make sure your face sparkles in the right places for the photos.


What makeup trends are you seeing for Desi brides in 2021?

Looking at our makeup artists in Texas, we see a couple of trends for this year:


What hair trends are you seeing for Desi brides in 2021?

Like previous years, we are still seeing a mix of buns, braids, and open hair for brides. Indian brides tend to go for the bun for their wedding ceremony and sometimes accessorize their buns with flowers. We’ve seen a lot of Desi brides go for a braid with florals for their mehndi or sangeet, and for the reception, we see that many dulhaans opt for a glam Hollywood look or open hair with loose curls. As with previous years, accessories are in, so whether it’s baby’s breath, roses, stone-encrusted combs & barrettes, hair vines, or other hair clips, asking your hairstylist to add the smallest accessory can really make your entire look sparkle.


Who are the top South Asian wedding makeup artists in Texas?

Click the below links to start exploring the best makeup artists The Desi Bride has curated for you in Texas.


TIP: Get FULL clarity on the duration of your wedding, before booking your hair and makeup. Will you host multiple days of ceremonies and events? Alternatively, if extended services are out of your budget, hire a professional makeup artist for your main wedding day, and DIY or hire less expensive artists for other events (grah shanti, sangeet, mehndi, pithi etc…).

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