Covid-19 Wedding Concierge

With the million and one stresses that wedding planning + COVID-19 have thrown at you, many couples are looking for a service to help give them some peace of mind.

We bring you our COVID Wedding Concierge services where The Desi Bride team will help you and your guests observe safe practices leading up to and at your wedding.

Services include pre-screening communication with guests and on-site precautionary measures like temperature checks and sanitizer handouts.

Please reach out to for details.


  • The Desi Bride services are provided as precautionary measures to help decrease the risk of spreading Coronavirus. COVID-19 safety is ultimately up to every individual attending, and we will not and cannot guarantee a COVID-19 free environment. What we can do is increase the likelihood that your guests are being safe before they arrive.
  • We are not medical professionals.
  • Services are limited to Dallas, Houston and Austin.
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