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Top South Asian Wedding Cake & Dessert Vendors in Texas - Dallas, Houston, Austin

Cakes and dessert add sweetness to your special day and are the perfect end to your evening. Whether is a three-tier wedding cake with paisleys, a jalebi and kulfi live station, or a donut station, the customizable nature of desserts means there’s plenty of room to get creative and have your desserts stand out. Scroll down to find curated cake and dessert vendors for your Desi wedding. 


Do I need to have cake at my Desi wedding?

Though wedding cake is not a mandatory portion of Desi weddings, the act of cutting a cake is a common symbol of celebration. Wedding cakes are famously known to be tiered and intricate works of art that also taste delicious! Often, couples like the photo opportunity and end up getting a cak


What should we think about before approaching bakeries?


What elements increase the cost of wedding cakes?


How much should cake at a Desi wedding cost?

Is there a budget you have for your wedding cake? The average wedding cake in the U.S. costs about $350, but for cakes that are design-heavy (ex: most modern Indian wedding cakes), costs can be from $700 to upwards of $1,000. Be sure to check with your bakery on costs and potential discounts that can be offered. Some bakeries will offer incentives or price reductions when you order larger quantities of wedding cake. Prices are often based on number of slices or people, so cake can go from $3-$7+ per slice of cake.


How do you freeze and defrost a wedding cake?


What are questions we should ask when vetting dessert chefs or bakeries?


How far in advance should we book our dessert?


Apart from the cake or dessert, what else should we think about?


What do I need to know about mithai for weddings?


What should I think about when ordering novelty desserts for my Desi wedding?


Who are the top South Asian sweet vendors in Texas?

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