About The Desi Bride

To Couples, Families and Friends Planning Desi Weddings,

My husband and I spent 14 months planning our Indian wedding events, which started in Jaipur and ended with a third reception in Dallas. Wedding planning was the most stressful chapter of our lives, from the anxiety of merging two families to a never-ending daily task list.

I wish it had been less time-consuming and easier to find the best wedding vendors, which ended up being quite tedious and meant Instagram stalking for us. Indian wedding planning can feel like a full-time job. With my deep experience in tech and an MBA, I left Corporate America to build The Desi Bride and make wedding planning less stressful for South Asian couples.

The Desi Bride is a one-stop platform for couples planning Indian-inspired weddings in Texas to find quality vendors through honest reviews and transparent pricing.

From finding your desi bridesmaids' and groomsmen's outfits to finding the best South Asian wedding venues in Dallas, bridal makeup artists in Houston, and Desi photographers in Texas, The Desi Bride is here for you. This website will help you with your wedding planning process and make the process less time-consuming and more transparent! Click here to get started, and contact us with questions or feedback. If you are a wedding vendor interested in joining The Desi Bride, sign up here.

Happy wedding planning!



The Desi Bride was inspired by the stress the founder faced while planning her own Hindu Indian wedding. Arjita's aim is to make wedding planning less stressful and actually fun for the couple and family while creating a more inclusive environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Texas' Indian wedding industry.


Our motto is "Less Stress, More Love."

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