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  September 21 , 2023

Hiring Vellora was the best decision we made!!!

Hiring Felipe & David was the best decision we ever made! These brothers are incredibly talented behind the camera and captured some of the most beautiful shots from our 4-day Indian/Latin fusion wedding. Being a wedding planner myself, I was extremely picky about our vendor team and Vellora far exceeded my expectations on what a photo/video team can produce. From our initial save the date video, they created a short reel that looked straight out of a movie! They understood our vision and brought their own creativity that made it so special and unique! During the week of our wedding they were completely professional and bonded instantly with our families and wedding party. Their calm demeanor made us feel totally comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. While we haven't seen the full gallery of photos/videos yet, the sneak peeks they showed us look amazing! If you're looking for a photo/video team that consistently overdelivers and feels more like family then we highly recommend hiring Vellora to capture your special day!

  January 10 , 2023


Wow. What an amazing experience with Vellora. We had a bad experience with my sister’s wedding when a company promised a specific individual and team would be there and someone completely different showed up. When you hire Vellora, you’re dealing with the brothers from the beginning to the end. They’re such a fun team and their other shooters who attended my husband’s events were also amazing. The Same Day Edit was out of this world. Seriously no one, I mean no one! Does a better job than Vellora. Our sneak peek photos are jaw dropping and we couldn’t have picked a better vendor. We are so excited to see the remaining content. I can truly say they’ll not only be one of our favorite vendors, they’ll be friends of ours for a long time. 1 million times recommend.

  December 22 , 2022


They took great pictures and videos. HOWEVER they focused mostly on the brides side and barely shot the grooms side of the wedding. AND ON TOP OF THAT the final wedding video was fully focused on the bride and did not capture a single moment of the grooms side. We tried to contact them and they will not respond or send us the grooms side video.

  December 15 , 2022


There are not enough adjectives for me to describe how unbelievably amazing the vellora team is! The best part of working with them is how personable they are. They truly want you to enjoy every aspect of the event, make sure you feel comfortable, and are open to new ideas and visions. David and Felipe are two amazing brothers that never fail to surprise you with their incredible work. I wouldn’t recommend any other video team than Vellora!

  June 7 , 2022

Photo and Video Review

When I first booked with Vellora Productions, I was really excited to work with them because their worked seemed to be really well done and creative. The company is run by two brothers who do majority of the work. They are really nice and easy to work with so I will say that about them. The photos and highlight video were really good and I would rate those 5/5 for sure. The reason I gave 3/5 stars was because we faced a lot of issues getting updates about our photos and videos throughout the process. There was a strong lack of communication and customer service which I think is so important, especially when we are spending so much money. The lack of communication started after we did our engagement shoot with them. They assured us they would provide 2-3 images for us within 1-2 weeks so we could use it on the Save the Dates. After 2 weeks went by, I emailed/called them and was not receiving a response. After calling and leaving multiple voicemails we finally got a response from them. That was the first time we faced issues communicating. During wedding week, they were very professional and showed up on time to all of our events. They are really friendly in person and easy to work with during events. After our wedding week, we literally did not hear from them for about 2+ months about receiving photos and that was only after we emailed/called them. I understand that it takes time to edit photos and video but I've seen other wedding photographers provide sneak previews or 1-2 images from the event within a few days. I asked for that but never got a response on it. It was so hard to get a hold of them to get an update on when we would get our pictures back. We finally got them about 4 months after our wedding. It took multiple family members calling and leaving messages to finally get a response. The last thing we faced issues with was our full length videos. We had trouble getting updates on when we would receive those and once again could not get a hold of them. We finally got them close to 6 months after our wedding. After seeing the amazing quality of work on the photos and highlight video, I truly expected the full-length videos to be on the same level. This was not the case! Our sangeet video was so blurry/out of focus and lacked lighting. I believe they have another brother who was in charge of recording on this camera. It seemed like he had no idea what he was doing based on how our sangeet video looked. I was really upset about this and asked them to fix it. While they did try to fix it, they only had footage from one camera running for the full-length video so it was impossible to correct the blurry parts of the video. Overall, I think they need to work on their customer service/communication skills and also make sure that their full-length videography has the same level of quality as the rest of their work. Their photography skills and highlight video skills are absolutely AMAZING and I will not deny or debate that. They were also good about negotiating pricing down and in general seemed more affordable than other vendors however I think they overbook themselves and then are unable to keep up with communicating to clients and sending the product over on time.

  July 22 , 2021

Remarkable team

This team was amazing to work with, they do a great job and they really work hard for you

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