• Indian Wedding Mehndi_Sheetal's Henna Designs_hand design
  • Indian Wedding Mehndi_Sheetal's Henna Designs_hand design
  • Indian Wedding Mehndi_Sheetal's Henna Designs_hand design
  • Indian Wedding Mehndi_Sheetal's Henna Designs_hand design
  • Indian Wedding Mehndi_Sheetal's Henna Designs_hand design

Sheetal's Henna Designs


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About Sheetal's Henna Designs - Top Indian Wedding Mehndi in Texas

To truly experience a moment in time, there’s nothing better than Sheetal’s Mehndi. She understands that every aspect of your mehndi ceremony is important to you and cares about it as much as you do. Sheetal pays attention to detail and will help you add a personal touch to your mehndi. This self-taught, passionate, professional provides quality care to every client and it all begins with a free consultation. It’s also a surefire way to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, because if there’s one thing she knows at Sheetal’s Mehndi Boutique, it’s that choosing the right mehndi artist for yourself and your bridal party is essential. She delivers the richness of tradition and quality that you desire for your mehndi needs.

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Sheetal's Henna Designs

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  January 12 , 2022

Sheetal is mind blowing awesome!!!

Sheetal is just awesome! She is so detail oriented and spends a great deal of time and effort in ensuring that her design is to satisfaction. I got my bridal henna done from her and everyone was raving about it! The color turned out beautiful and she gave me a lot of tips to keep it looking good for a long time. I also got a henna mandala painting commissioned from her. She is simply the most fantastic artist I have ever worked with and I will highly recommend her to anyone looking for any kind of henna services.

  October 9 , 2021

Wonderful Bridal Henna Experience

Sheetal is such a talented henna artist, she did such a good job with my Nikah henna and I was adamant to have her do my reception henna 4 months later too. I needed it to last 7 days for different events and it stayed so dark! She really brought my visions to life and madd my experience as a bride so much better. 10/10 would recommend

  September 28 , 2021

Better Than I Imagined

Sheethal was not only prompt to arrive, she was also incredibly patient and kind throughout the entire process. I gave her my vision and she turned it into reality! The stain lasted well over 7 days, and I received compliments up until the henna washed off completely. I cannot wait to use Sheethal again next year for my wedding!

  August 10 , 2021

My Dream Wedding Henna!

Sheetal was absolutely incredible! I loved a design she had done on a different bride. She adjusted the design for my hands and the work was super intricate and beautiful. She was also able to incorporate the design into my feet. The color was almost black in 48 hours, thanks to her aftercare instructions! She was super easy to chat with about all sorts of things and i truly didn’t feel the five hours of work fly by! She was able to hide my husbands initials in the henna as well as paws for our dog! She was absolutely amazing.

  August 9 , 2021


Sheetal did an amazing job on my wedding mehndi. She's easy to talk to and the almost 7 hours went by pretty quickly! I had given her designs in advance for my hands--which everyone should do if they want to set up their artist for success--and she had brainstormed for the design in advance, which was really helpful and honestly necessary with the rushed timetable in Indian American Hindu weddings. My one piece of feedback would be that I asked Sheetal to extend the length of mehndi on my feet (she had done ankle-length), and she pushed back, finally saying that she liked a design she had done on my ankles and didn't want it to lose focus (I'm paraphrasing here). I gently asked her once or twice more if she could add mehndi, and she said she would see, but ultimately ended up not adding it. Sometimes it seems like vendors are so used to working with brides every day that they forget that this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for the bride. I'm one of those brides who loves mehndi, and I really wanted more on my feet. It could be that she hadn't planned timing-wise to do such a long design, in which case I wish she was just honest with me.

  August 2 , 2021

Skilled and creative mehndi artist who is also a pleasure to work with!

Sheetal was such a pleasure to work with! For my sister's wedding, our previously booked mehndi artist cancelled last minute. I knew I wanted to work with Sheetal and called her to see if she was available. Thankfully she was! Sheetal is both talented and passionate. She spent 7 hours on my sister's bridal mehndi with beautiful DC and Chicago skylines with other intricate designs and then worked on my mom and my hands. We told her to be spontaneous, so she picked a modern lotus and these traditional bells for my hands. Sheetal was also so fun and easy to work with! I highly recommend her if you are looking for a luxury henna artist in Dallas or outside of Dallas. Thank you Sheetal!

  July 1 , 2021

Bridal henna

Sheetal did an amazing job for my bridal henna. She did beautiful intricate design. Got a lot of compliments on it. She was also very quick and mindful. The henna quality was also very good. Got a pretty good stain.

  June 20 , 2021

Bridal and guest henna

Sheetal is such a talented henna artist! I was able to show her pictures of different designs that she was able to replicate with ease. Sheetal was also mindful of time and making sure my guests had beautiful designs, as well. Using natural henna was such a unique touch and my stain lasted for almost two weeks! I loved having my honeymoon, too. I would recommend Sheetal over and over again. :)

  June 8 , 2021

Amazing henna artist

We set out looking for henna artist that would use natural henna and not henna with any added chemicals or color. Our wedding planner suggested Sheetal and she was AMAZING. From the natural henna to her beautiful and intricate design, Sheetal was above and beyond what I hoped for or expected for my bridal henna. She incorporated every element I requested and then some for a stunning finished bridal henna piece of art. I cannot recommend her enough!

  June 6 , 2021

Extremely neat, meticulous and detail oriented

Sheetal was the most recommended artist on the Facebook group - little brown diaries and after I saw her work it was apparent that the recommendations was very much warranted. She is very sweet and extremely talented and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of getting her bridal henna. She incorporated all my wishes into my design and was extremely detail oriented. My guests couldn't stop praising her design or the stain of her henna. Her designs speak for themselves. I would definitely recommend Sheetal to anyone who is looking for perfection.

  June 6 , 2021

Amazing Bridal Henna Artist

What can I say about Sheetal’s art talent...She is just an amazing artist. I just loved her service the way she makes you feel special is just ???? Her work intricacies n details are beyond my expectations. I have not seen anywhere the neatness and quality of henna work the way Sheetal does it...so incredible work. Her figure work (bride an grooms) looks like actual live figures. I will always recommend her for henna services.

  April 15 , 2021

Talented beyond words

Beyond the ease of organizing with Sheetal, she is such a brilliant artist. She spent about 6 hours on my bridal mendhi and I have genuinely never seen such detail or delicate work before. She was able to take some of my ideas (based on her instagram pictures) and completely make it unique for me. She was able to do a different design on each of my family members! Working with her was such a wonderful experience!

  January 16 , 2021

Extremely Talented

Sheetal is such a wonderful artist. She takes her time even when people in a wedding household can make you feel rushed and I appreciated the quality and finesse as a result of that. She incorporated unique elements that we wanted in the design and added some modern touches while still maintaining a gorgeous bridal look! Highly Recommend her!

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