• Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the centerstage
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_aisle and flowers
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_flowers
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the centerstage
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the centerstage
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the centerstage
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the centerstage
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the centerstage
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the dancefloor
  • Indian Wedding Decor and Florist_Prashe_the centerstage



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About Prashe - Top Indian Wedding Décor in Texas

Prashe Decor is a premier event and wedding decorator based in Dallas. They’ve been designing events and weddings for over ten years and have worked with some of the most prestigious venues in the area. This award-winning boutique design house is sure to bring you the wedding of your dreams. They are not just a DIY wedding decor company but the perfect blend of design, functionality, creativity and elegance!

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Luxury Indian Wedding_Prashe_Priyah and Nilay

Luxury Indian Wedding_Prashe_Nikita and Nilesh

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Luxury Indian Wedding_Prashe_real wedding videos

Luxury Indian Wedding_Prashe_real wedding videos


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  December 15 , 2022


I LOVED working with Selina from Prashe Decor. She truly brings your vision to life and is very visual so can help you navigate the various ideas you have on your Pinterest board. I truly loved working with Selina! Though the process takes FOREVER, do not fret, she will deliver!

  August 15 , 2022

If You Want Your Wedding to be a True Experience

We worked with the Houston Team with Selina being our Design Lead. This is a team that can make anything you imagine come true. Knowing that, we were very, very honest with what our budget was which in turn helped maximize everything we could possible. What this team was able to make happen at the level of detail and quality for, technically, seven events and our wild imagination is not something most people could do. We asked for literally something different for each and every event but they made it happen and helped make each event feel related yet unique. We had the vision, but Selina made it reality.

  March 1 , 2022

Beautiful decor!

Prashe is one of the best decor vendors around! My events looked amazing and they were able to bring my vision to life. I wanted flowers everywhere and they made it come true! My only issue was that they weren’t as organized, every time I would call or message them, they would be like “wait what did we decide on?” Even though we decided 3 days ago we would do this. They are definitely busy so it’s understandable, just stressful before a big event!

  November 15 , 2021

Stunning decor

They executed our dream wedding exactly like we had imagined. We expressed to Prashe team how much we envisioned our wedding to look like the hidden waterfall where Vikash proposed and it was even better !

  January 16 , 2021

Disappointed in Customer Service

While the decor itself was gorgeous for the most part, they do not really focus on communication and customer service. They know that they are one of the most sought after vendors and don't work hard enough to show you that they appreciate your business. Price transparency is a huge issue for those that are looking for reasonable expenditure. A few key items were missing on the day of our event that could've been avoided if communication was valued. Given what they charge, those missing items are a lot more disappointing than they would be otherwise.

  November 30 , 2020

Amazing inventory.

Prashe probably has the best inventory for decor there is out there. Her team basically can make any idea happen. Her pricing is definitely higher given the fact that her scale is so much. Highly recommend you work with designer, Bilen Walga if possible.

  November 13 , 2020

Gorgeous decor!

One of the weddings I recently went to used Prashe. Prashe did an amazing job with the micro wedding decor. You couldn’t even tell that the flowers were silk! Highly recommend their design and decor arrangements.

  November 2 , 2020

gorgeous and customized

The team did an amazing job. I was surprised by the intricacy of their work as a guest. Would recommend!

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