Four Desi Bridal Fashion Tips from Designer Harleen Kaur

By Arjita with insights from Harleen Kaur | 29 Jan 2021 | 3 min read

As a South Asian bride and groom, with the million outfits changes from the haldi to the garba or sangeet to the wedding and reception, the process of finding multiple dream outfits can feel both exciting and intimidating. Today, Harleen Kaur, a leading NYC-based Punjabi American designer, shares her top tips on how to navigate your wedding shopping experience.

Get your outfits as far in advance as possible. Factories and mills all over the world are in uncharted territory with the pandemic. Giving yourself an even larger buffer in terms of time is advisable in case there are closures or delays wherever your lehenga or sherwani is being produced. Your lehenga or sherwani may actually have fabric, stonework, embroidery, and labor from different cities, resulting in a long supply chain. We, at Harleen Kaur, produce locally in NYC so we have some buffer with our multiple factories and seamstresses who are able to work from home. Based on conversations with recent couples, The Desi Bride recommends selecting your bridal lehengas and sarees at least 3-6 months ahead of your wedding and for grooms, picking your sherwanis at least 2-4 months in advance. Some couples plan for 6-8 months to ensure they get their exact customization, fabric, and embroidery wants. The overall theme here is to pick out your desi wedding lehenga choli and grooms wear well in advance of your wedding!

Modern Indowestern Red Midi Lehenga - Designer Harleen Kaur - NYC - The Desi Bride feature

Wedding clothes first; let the details come later. If you’re getting married, I always suggest working on your outfits first and then moving to the outfits for the wedding party and family along with decor. Having selected your outfits will make your wedding designs feel more cohesive.

Harleen Kaur Punjabi American Designer MANGALA Bridal Lehenga - The Desi Bride

Couples who pick outfits together, slay together! I love when we have brides and grooms come in to shop for their outfits together. Shopping together leads to a more complementary look. Whether it’s a matching garba choli and dhoti kurta or a modern lehenga and sherwani, we work through the custom designs together.

Harleen Kaur Designer Mint Green Interracial Couple Lehenga and Sherwani - The Desi Bride feature

When in doubt, ask about bridal customization. Even when you shop online, you can always ask the designer about customization if you don’t like an exact outfit. For example, if you love an outfit but prefer longer sleeves or a differently shaped kurta or blouse, just call or email to see if it’s possible! While we have plenty of people who order directly off Harleen Kaur, I love to work directly with brides and grooms to create their custom bridal outfits. I learn about their personal style, budget and what's most important to provide them with appropriate wedding outfit options. We also pride ourselves in custom and couture for the couples that truly want something unique, or even a special outfit for the parents of the couple, siblings, and bridesmaids or groomsmen!

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Harleen Kaur is a NYC based Punjabi American designer, combining modern Western culture and traditional Indian silhouettes. She offers a distinct new take on South Asian clothing by blending different styles that are perfect for the modern South Asian man or woman looking for something unique. Her range of carefully designed outfits are perfect for an intimate Indian affair to a couple's lavish Punjabi wedding.

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